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Gemini Duets Textures Engraving Plastic - Red/White

Duets Accents is single-ply, cell-cast acrylic sheet material offered in both a range of transparent, translucent and opaque colors. Duets Accents offer a wide range of versatility, with contemporary architectural colors, a combination of gloss and matte finishes, and can be easily paired with Duets Tactiles to create a tactile sign with the look you want.


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Duets Textures Product Details

Material Type: Microsurfaced Impact Modified Acrylic
Engraving Method: Laser | Rotary
Usage: Outdoor (UV-Stable) / Indoor
Finish: Textured (Non-Glare) Finish
Thickness: 1/16" | 1/8"
Ply: 2-Ply
Additional Features: Fingerprint Resistant
Duets Product Selection Guide: Download Product Guide (.pdf)
Duets Laser Settings: Download Laser Settings (.pdf)